Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...yeah! i work out....

i'm sexy and i know it!'

shesh, so much has happened since i last updated. let's see, sunday night my aunt linda cooked me an amazing going away dinner.  she made my oma's chicken and favorite things in the world!  she also made a turkey and green beans and broccoli and cheese and party potatoes.  so amazingly good. oh and cheesecake for dessert.  it was such a good time! i almost cried...but i held myself together!  saying good bye to my nieces was the hardest, especially my little isabel! she was my little buddy during the day!

okay, fast forward to monday and 4am, my wonderful momma took me to the airport and dropped me off. i had every intention of having to pay for my checked luggage, but nope! airport did not make me. amazing. so jamie and i met up and we got ourselves some coffee (of course) and then boarded a plane for orlando, florida.  let me tell you, the flight was bumpy! we then caught our flight to vicksburg, mississippi and ran into a bunch of people also headed for americorps nccc. once i found all my luggage we got in a van from jackson, ms to the campus in vicksburg about 45 minutes away.  the campus is so amazingly beautiful! postcard-like southern forsure.

i went through all the not so fun logistics stuff and then met my roommates.  my room in a three person dorm with a suite style bath shared with three other girls. my roommates are tenaya and stayci. the girls are both awesome and i was pleasantly  surprised that i get along with them so well.  we are all on the same temporary team as well...DELTA 7!

okay, so delta 7.  LOVE! wish we didnt have to switch teams.  our leaders name is tim.  he is this adorable 22 year old from north carolina doing his first year with americorps.  tenaya is from orange county, cali stayci is from the east coast and the other girl ren is from georgia.  as for the guys, there is sharaud who is from north carolina and sort of resembles nelly.  then there is jesse and patrick. there is also this super loud, but really funny 'brother' slater from baltimore.  steve is also from baltimore and another cool guy, so funny.  then the youngest guy on our team is little 18 year old victor from wisconsin. i am so in love with my team and do not want to share them with others!
this is steve in his lovely little outfit..haha

okay, so each morning jamie and i have been getting up and running...well more like she runs and i attempt. haha.

jamie and i on the first day
eh, i have met some truly amazing people. this is going to be such a personal growth experience. the weather is amazing and already hot and humid. and last thing, my first night here the plumbing in my dorm busted. fun oh fun.  i will be sure to keep this updates as much as possible but there is only wifi in this one building and either it...or my super slow.

love you all!

mail me stuff if you want!

amanda gschaar-Class 18 Winter
AmeriCorps NCCC
2715 Confederate Ave
Vicksburg, MS 39180

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