Thursday, March 8, 2012

in language there is life, and in language there is death

not too much to write, so this will be a quick update.

mostly it has been training classes all week.  i was assigned my new temp team and temp team leader with kyleigh. i was worried, but i love my team.

prior to coming, i read a lot about the wildfire fire team.  that is, one-two teams at each region were to be trained wildfire firefighters.  to even be eligible for the team, you had to submit a letter of intent and pass a pack text.  the pack test consists of walking 3 miles in under 45 minutes with a 45 pound pack on. many do not pass because it is so difficult.  i came into this experience wanting to get the most out of it i could and not regret anything.  i signed up to take the pack test...and last night, i completed it in 44 minutes and 11 seconds.  i was so pround of myself i teared up.  i have never pushed myself so hard phycially and it was such an amazing accomplishment.  it was the hardest and most strenuous thing i have done to date.  there were even some guys who did not make it!

there are only 20 spots and about 37 of us have passed.  i should find out tomorrow if i made it onto a team.  after the pack test last night i overheard many people saying they only came here to be a part of the fire team, others that they plan on going back home to join their fire department.  hearing all these things made me feel guilty. not because i don't want to be on the fire team, because i do.  but i don't want it as bad as some others and i would be so perfectly happy if i didn't make it (especially if i was put back on tims team for my permanent one!) i pulled aside my temp team leader and let her know all this. not that i was resigning, just that if it came down to me and someone who wants nothing more than to be on the team than i wouldnt be upset if i didnt make it.  either way...i am so proud of myself :) i have no pics to upload today, and the lights keep flickering with an approaching storm so i am going to save this before my computer dies! sorry, so spell check!

love you all!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

yeaaah buddy

funny story, but apparently last night at this bar in town the rapper who sings ice cream paint job was having an after party there. its funny because this town is smaller than cape!

don't judge, but i sort of forget where i left off last blog!  i will start by saying that the plumbing has been fixed...yes! i would go day by day but the days have all blended together.

i have bonded with each of my team members, and my team leader.  we had a lot of training this week. some fun, some not so much.  one of the highlights was the diversity training where we went through how to work with people of different disabilities (this-ability).  we had a safety class which thoroughly freaked me out.  did you know the amount of poisonous snakes and spiders and stray animals with rabies? ugh...needless to say i felt like i was jonesin during the glass cause i kept scratching.
the team in its entirety

on friday nccc as a whole went to the Buelah National Cemetery.  this is the oldest african american cemetery in vicksburg, with tombstones dating back to WWI.  The city does not have funds to keep up with the land, so for years the southern region has been doing their tool training at the location while also helping clear and beautify the land.  i learned how to use a jblade, ax, saw thingy, clippers, machete, and a few other tools.  it was so nice to finally get out and do something!  it was hot but still fun!

on saturday i got up at 5 to get ready for an independent service project hours (need 80 of them to graduate).  basically all of nccc went to this isp. we went to a race vicksburg was having called the race through history and basically acted as cheerleaders. sidenote, the weather is bipolar and it was freezing!! anyways, two highlights from this, one was the last person to finish the 10k run part of the race was this lady named annita and we saw her nearing the end. all 100 something of us ran the last half to threeforths of a mile with her cheering her on...amazing!! the other highlight was watching the kids one mile fun frickin cute!!!

jamie and i running the last stretch of the race with a runner

haha, this is the kid i had a pillow fight with...kyle
after that, my team went on a scavenger hunt around vicksburg and it was so neat to finally see the town! my favorite place was this little shack on the side of the road called the tomato place.  they sell fresh vegetables, homemade smoothies and some amazing southern food.  i had a peaches and cream smoothie and fried green tomatoes for the first time...i am in love.
team leader time (aka michael b. jordan, aka tiger woods), myself, and sharaud (aka nelly)

i have been cooking dinner for my team each night, and let me tell you how hard it is to cook for 7 grown men! haha. the week caught up with me and after dinner i passed out. i fell asleep before 6, and by 1230 i was up and not tired at all! most of the people 21 and up went out the bars, but i was lame...obviously..and slept. (don't regret that at all either!) i ended up going down to the lounge and hung out with some of the younger folk and had such a good time having a pillow fight with one of the guys! haha, i was crackin  up.

fried green tomatoes!
anyways, tonight i have my last dinner with my team delta 7 and i find out my new temp team and leader for the next week.  this week i will have my baseline test, get chainsaw training, and (i think) learn to drive the 15 passenger van. eek! love you all XOXOXO