Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Side by side or miles apart friends are forever close to your heart."

15 days...oh man.

I got an email on Friday saying my flight information will be emailed to me in the next week and a half or so.  The email went on to give me a list of the paperwork I will need copies of upon arrival. I love lists.

Aside from that, I have been slowing but surely spending time with friends for the last time before I leave. On Monday I went to dinner with a dear friend from high school, Rachel.
from a few seasons ago, but you can still see our love for the BIRDS!
She is a couple years older than me, so when I was a sophomore in high school she graduated and my last two years in high school were so not as fun!  Our thing is cardinal baseball, we go to at least 3-4 games a summer.  Our dinner made me realize I will not go to a single cards game this next season, waaah :( She recently graduated with her masters in accounting and moved in with her boyfriend of like, five years, this past weekend.  It was an awesome dinner and I cannot wait to see where she is in life when I get back (maybe there will be a wedding to plan! hah, hint hint Jeff!)!

On Friday I went to lunch with my amazing, amazing, AMAZINGGGG friend Jason and his wife. I wasn't able to make it to there wedding over the summer so this was actually the first time I met her.  I was a little nervous at first, I mean, what if I didn't like her? Hah, I should have known if Jason liked her, I would like her.  She welcomed me with a big hug and is so sweet and I am pretty sure I would not have been able to pick him out a better person myself!  Good pick Jason, I if you needed my approval. Haha
this is from the summer, I should have put one of
him in his uniform. every time I see him in it it reminds me
how proud I am of him!
Jason and I met when I was fifteen and he was 21ish.  Sounds like it could have been a messed up situation, huh? Hah, no...I was a teen mentor at a conference and he was there working with the air national guard.  I continued to do various volunteer work with programs he supported through his work and some how he and his sometimes tasteless sense of humor won me over and we became and stayed friends.  We hardly get to see each other anymore because he moved to Kansas City and I have been away at school. We saw each other at least once a year when he came to Cape for a conference, and we always had a great time...ain't that right aquafina! Anyways, on a serious note, this guy is amazing and is such a great friend.  It doesn't matter how long it is between when I see or talk to him, when I finally do it is like no time has passed.  He is such a loyal and dedicated friend and I am so blessed to have him in my life!  I am so glad I got to see him before I left, and the lunch he treated me to was an amazing plus...I owe you! Can't wait till Danielle's wedding so I can see you again! And Laura, I can't wait to get to know you better! Maybe there will be a little Jason on the way when I return? Hah!

Okay, Friday night I headed down to Cape Girardeau to see all my college loves one last time.  Man-o-man did I have a good time :)
obviously had a great time! hah, and no I was not driving...
i was honking the horn trying to get our shuttle guy to come back!
I stayed with my friend Janelle.  She is basically my other half and I loooooove her! I was ecstatic to see her.  We went to dinner and my favorite Mexican place and then got matching shirts and looked like twinsies while we went out on the town!
don't want to leave you!!
Janelle and I were randomly roomed together our freshman year, along with Jamie, whom she went to high school with.  Janelle and I pretty much hit it off right away and were connected at the hip.  We did some rock star quality partying that year.  Sophomore year we lived together again, and man was that an adventure.  We had tons of lists that we crossed through...oh good times. Junior year we lived together again, but we had a falling out mainly because I am stubborn and find it hard to bite my tongue when I have an opinion...such a downfall of mine.  Anyways, is after a year...I came to my senses and got back what I was missing in my life, my Janelley! My senior semester was complete again and we picked right back up.  We have such an amazing time when I with her and is nothing but laughs.  I cannot believe I have to go 10 months without herrrrrrr! The plan is when we get our lives together we will find houses next store to one another so our kids will be friends too. Love! Good luck your last semester of college baby girllllll.

Right before we went out my friend Chloe met up with us.. Chloe and I lived together my junior year and we hit it off completely!  She was going to hair school, and let me tell you I loved being her 'hair model'.  She gave me the bangs that I am still rockin because I love them so much! She is a total sweetheart, and there is never a dull moment when I hang out with her.  We had a great dance that night didn't we CHLO-AYYY :)

After the three of us called out taxi (smartest way to get around safe and make smart decisions and plan ahead!!) Hah, anyways...from there we went to Buckners, the bar I worked at in school to see my favorite bartender Mr. Marcellus Jones!! He is the one who hired me at the bar, and taught me all I know :) I am completely and utterly unable to have a bad time when I am around this guy.  He treats me so good and always makes sure I have the best drink in hand!  He probably currently hates me because my last semester of school was frickin  nonstop work and internship that I never got to go out and hang out with him :( So since he had to work that night the plan was for me to take it easy and make it across the river where the bars stay open longer than the ones we work at.  Well I made it to 330AM and then went home and he got there like right after.  I swear I tried to stay up Cellus, I even avoided a tilt!! I love you baby new year!!!  Oh, and allow me to miss one more float trip and I swear I will be at the next one!

At the bar, I also got to see my favorite mexican love...Jaime.  Only thing that could have made that better would have been if he were in gym shorts ;) I met this kid working at Buckners and he is so awesome! He is so adorable and...just so you know...I will get you in that cooler before I die...HAHA!
myself, Janelle, Nicole, and bathroom pics
too bad its blurry!
Then, I met up my friend Nicole who I also worked with at Buckners.  She and I have a way with the bars downtown.  What I mean, is we typically make it to a whole bunch but only remeber a few!  Haha, she also has some amazing skills, I mean, who else can smuggle a full gin bucket out of one bar and into another? PRICELESS! She is such a sweatheart, and as much as I am going to miss her, I know she will be just fine because she has one sexy Dominique Thomas to help keep her busy! Haha. I love you :) Oh, and the best part of her, she understands my horrible jokes that I find hilarious but no one else does. Thanks for laughing!!

I ran into a bunch of other friends that night, though I didn't see all the ones I wanted to.  Nonetheless, it was a fantastic last night in Cape...and one my first weekends after Americorps, I will be back!  Oh...I also ran into my friend from Logans, Cody, that night and we had a pretty amazing time! Haha love me some healthy Cody!
my barbie and ken for the night!

The next day before I left I went to lunch with Meghan (aka bestie) and Cody (another Cody, aka BFC aka Codyliscious).  Meghan and I lived together on the same floor our freshman year and hit it off.  She started dating Cody that year, and he and I also hit it off.  I can pretty much say I have never hit it off so well with a friends boyfriend as I have with Cody.  Both he and Meghan are two of my very best friends.  She is one of those friends that anytime I talk to her I prepare myself, because she doesn't tell me what I want to hear, she tells me what I need to hear.  Such a perfect quality in a friend.  Cody is super laid back and someone I can always count on to just hang out with and not stress!  I am so thrilled to see how far these two go in the 10 months I am gone.  We all graduated in December, he with a criminal justice degree and is currently in the police academy.  She with a teaching degree.  Hopefully there will be another fun wedding in the future there, right Cody?!
apparently I love the kisses on the cheek pictures, but not as
much as I love these two :)

So that is it so far.  I know it is not like I am leaving for a super long time, and there's no way to know how often I would have seen some of this people if I were to be in STL these next 10 months rather than down south, but still...who doesn't love an excuse to see your friends and tell them how much you love them!  I love you all and will miss you so FRICKIN much!  I need all of your addresses so I can send you fun stuff :) Can't wait to see some more of my friends!!

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