Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'the best is yet to come'

frank sinatra.

getting so close, less than a week! I am pretty excited about it too!  I feel as though each day lessens mhy anticipation a bit more.  I have spoken to Jamie just about every day, discussing our flight (620AM!!) or what we are packing and so on.

Packing is proving to be a bit of a nightmare.  I have that night little list, as well as a plan in my head to check one suitcase.  Let me tell you just how impossible that proved to be!  I am fairly certain I could have gotten all of everything in my one large suitcase, yet there is NO way it would be under 50pounds.  Once I realized that I did a little research on American Airlines and there requirements and rules and such and found that the first piece of luggage under 50lbs is $25, and the second piece is $35.  If I were to stuff all my stuff in just one, and it went over 50, it is going to cost me $100!  As a result I chatted with a few fellow Americorps NCCC folks, and they too are bringing two.

someone wants to come with me!

truly grateful for the space-savers! even my comforter and sheets are
in one of those bags!
Now that that is settled, I am freaking out about the airline losing my luggage!! Eek, lets hope that doesn't happen...

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