Thursday, March 8, 2012

in language there is life, and in language there is death

not too much to write, so this will be a quick update.

mostly it has been training classes all week.  i was assigned my new temp team and temp team leader with kyleigh. i was worried, but i love my team.

prior to coming, i read a lot about the wildfire fire team.  that is, one-two teams at each region were to be trained wildfire firefighters.  to even be eligible for the team, you had to submit a letter of intent and pass a pack text.  the pack test consists of walking 3 miles in under 45 minutes with a 45 pound pack on. many do not pass because it is so difficult.  i came into this experience wanting to get the most out of it i could and not regret anything.  i signed up to take the pack test...and last night, i completed it in 44 minutes and 11 seconds.  i was so pround of myself i teared up.  i have never pushed myself so hard phycially and it was such an amazing accomplishment.  it was the hardest and most strenuous thing i have done to date.  there were even some guys who did not make it!

there are only 20 spots and about 37 of us have passed.  i should find out tomorrow if i made it onto a team.  after the pack test last night i overheard many people saying they only came here to be a part of the fire team, others that they plan on going back home to join their fire department.  hearing all these things made me feel guilty. not because i don't want to be on the fire team, because i do.  but i don't want it as bad as some others and i would be so perfectly happy if i didn't make it (especially if i was put back on tims team for my permanent one!) i pulled aside my temp team leader and let her know all this. not that i was resigning, just that if it came down to me and someone who wants nothing more than to be on the team than i wouldnt be upset if i didnt make it.  either way...i am so proud of myself :) i have no pics to upload today, and the lights keep flickering with an approaching storm so i am going to save this before my computer dies! sorry, so spell check!

love you all!

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